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Many Moons Ago [Ep] CD

Many Moons Ago [Ep] CD

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Many Moons Ago EP on CD

Released: 2018

Recorded in Nashville at the Blueroom Studios on Analog Tape & Trident TSM 1978 Console, new collection of songs ‘Many Moons Ago’ showcases Gareth’s vulnerable yet forceful tones.  'Devil Like You' was featured in hit tv show ‘Lucifer’ and 2022 Blumhouse Movie ‘The Visitor’ and 'Dwell In My Soul' was featured as the final song in hit TV show ‘Nashville’.

Track List:

01| Devil Like You (featured on Season One Lucifer) 

02| Can't Stand Myself

03| Blind To The Pain

04| Way Back When

05| Dwell In My Soul

2018 © Moraine Records / Priory Records
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